Preparing the Surface

Plan on 1 - 2 days for preparatory work including repairs and washing of the surface.

Allow at least one day for the surface to dry.

Repainting Previously Painted Surfaces

After sanding the desired surface, use PARA PRIMETECH Super-Stick #777 as a spot primer before top coating. If you suspect the old glossy surface to be an alkyd paint and you would like to apply a new latex topcoat, apply a coat of PARA PRIMETECH Aqua-Primex latex primer #750 after washing and before applying a top coat of PARA ULTRA Latex House Paint.

Preparing Unpainted Surfaces

Bare Wood:
PARA ULTRA Exterior Latex Paints are 100% acrylic, allowing harmonious expansion and contraction of the paint film with the surface substrate during temperature extremes. PARA ULTRA pure acrylic Latex House Paints also allow humidity from inside the house to escape through the wood and through the paint film without causing the paint to peel.

Pre-finished Aluminum:
If pre-finished aluminum is glossy, lightly sand then apply a coat of PARA PRIMETECH Acrylic Latex Primer before applying the topcoat, to ensure lasting adhesion.

Vinyl Siding:
Never use a color darker than the vinyl, to prevent warping from the sun's heat.

Bare Masonry: (Stucco, brick, concrete block, cement)
New masonry is very alkaline, and is best not painted for a year, after which PARA pure acrylic PRIMETECH Aqua-Primex is recommended, followed by PARA ULTRA pure acrylic Exterior House Paint. If you must paint sooner, wait at least 30 days.

For exterior concrete floors:
To ensure lasting paint adhesion, etch the surface with a 10% muriatic acid solution and rinse.